Koroplast is the number one brand of Turkey
In the category of plastic bags reported within the framework of Nielsen retail index services, Koroplast 2017 started with January and ended with January 2018 for 13 months, it has the highest sales values in the market on the basis of sales volume in the total Turkish market excluding market brands. (Copyright 2018, The Nielsen Company)

Minopolis Projesi

This is a sample city with only children numbering more than 100.The purpose is to let the children to practice their profession like adults. This both educational and entertaining place will be an unforgettable experience for the children.

Koroplast promotes to the smiling future of Koruncuk!

Koroplast is the lead brand of the garbage bag and kitchen auxiliary product sector. Koroplast is trying to present a beter future to the children with “Gülümseyen Gelecek (Smiling Future) Platform”. Within this scope Koroplast keeps in focus our children, who have varioss impossibleness and makes real projeckts for their personal and social progresses.