Cooler Bag

With its specially designed 3-layer structure, it ensures that your food is transported safely without spoiling.
The defrosting speed also depends on the type of material in which the cooler bag is placed and the temperature of the product on the shelf. It prevents the formation of bacteria.
It keeps in the heat of the product.
Does not contain BPA (bisphenol A).

Usage recommendation;

For the cooler bag to fully function during its use, it is important that its lids are tightly closed. 

It ensures that frozen products bought from the grocery store are carried without thawing by the time you get home.
The purpose of the cooler bag is to keep the products in it below 0°C.
According to the tests carried out in the external laboratory, it is not observed that;
Frozen meat rises above 0°C in (180 min - (20±2)°C) time, 
Ice cream in (180 min - (20±2)°C ) time, 
Ice in (90 min - (20±2)°C ) time.
The thawing speed also varies according to the type of material in which the cooler bag will be placed.
It can be used again.

Cooler Bag