This slogan emphasizes the company's promise to make people's quality of life easier and better with its quality and technology. Koroplast introduced the trash bag for the first time in the 80s to the Turkish consumer, and always realized the firsts in its sector with its planned investments.


Brief History

Today, Koroplast has gained a wider product range with the addition of products such as Aluminium Foil, Cling Film, Zipper Bag, Roasting Bag, Baking Paper, Microwave Steam Cooking Bag.
It has pioneered by producing special products for packaging, for hospital, for out-of-home consumption and for retail sectors. Koroplast has become a brand thanks to the support of its customers, its 38 years of knowledge, technological equipment, R&D investments and expert sales and marketing staff.
Koroplast will continue to break grounds and make life easier.

  • 1973 Korozo Packaging was founded.
  • 1976 Sefaköy factory started production.
  • 1979 First printed T-Shirt bag was produced.
  • 1981 Koroplast brand was created.
  • 1981 Turkey's first Trash Bag was produced.
  • 1981 Turkey's first Freezer Bag was produced.
  • 1990 First Industrial Cling Film was produced.
  • 1990 Beylikdüzü factory opened for production.
  • 1994 In the packaging sector, the company became the first one with ISO 9001 certificate.
  • 1995 It bought the printing right on the bag of Disney characters in Turkey.
  • 1996, the third factory in the Kıraç region, the fourth in 1998, the fifth factory in 2000 was commissioned.
  • 1996 It started environmental activities and became the official sponsor of the Ministry of Environment.
  • 2003 It obtained HACCP certificate.
  • 2004 Korozo produced Turkey’s first recycled Trash Bag.
  • 2008 New warehouse became operational.
  • 2008 Turkey’s first Biodegradable Trash Bag was produced.
  • 2009 Turkey’s first Microwave Steam Cooking Bag was produced.
  • 2009 The brand's first advertising campaign was launched.
  • 2009 Switched to ISO 9001: 2008 Revision Quality Management System.
  • 2009 Obtained the certificate ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
  • 2010 Obtained the certificate ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.
  • 2014 The social responsibility platform of the brand, Smiling Future, was launched.
  • 2014 Cat Litter Bag was put on market.
  • 2014 Breast Milk Storage Bag, Slider Bag, Double Zipper Bag and Cat Litter Bag were launched.