Koroplast is the number one brand of Turkey
In the category of plastic bags reported within the framework of Nielsen retail index services, Koroplast 2017 started with January and ended with January 2018 for 13 months, it has the highest sales values in the market on the basis of sales volume in the total Turkish market excluding market brands. (Copyright 2018, The Nielsen Company)
Company Profile


This motto emphasizes the promise of the company  to improve and simplify life with its proven quality in household consumer products.

Koroplast, launched garbage bags in Turkey first in the 1980's and since than introduced many firsts in the household products sector with well planned investments.

Today Koroplast has extended its product range from refuse sacks to freezer bags, aluminium foils, stretch film, zipper bags, roasting bags and baking paper. Finally cleaning sponges and cloths have been launched within our  product range.

Koroplast has also lead the way to develop special products for medical and industrial sectors.

Koroplast has been the leader of packaging sector thanks to its product quality , good service, newest technologies and hygiene standards.

The strength of Koroplast as a brand is supported by the loyalty of its consumers, by 35 years of experience, technological improvements through R&D studies and by its professional sales team.

Koroplast is within the most well-known brands in the retail sector, as approved by "TNS Piar Marketing Research Company" with brand awareness level of 85%.

Koroplast will continue to develop novelties to make life easier  and maintain the consumers confidence that is already well established.