Türkiye’nin 1 Numaralı Markası Koroplast
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Garbage are fragrant and colorful with Koroplast!

Facilitating the life for 33 years with its innovative products and solutions, Koroplast has renewed the patterns on its trash bags. Koropolast trash bags with levander, lemon and strawberry fragrance have taken their place with their new patterns at the supermarket shelves in June. Trash bags with levander, lemon and strawberry fragrance of the leading brand in Trash Bags and Kitchen Auxiliary Products Industry Koroplast have been put up for sale with their renewed patterns in June.

Drawstring Trash Bags with Levander Fragrance, Drawstring Trash Bags with Lemon Fragrance and Drawstring Trash Bags with Strawberry Fragrance have taken their places at supermarket shelves with their mid-size and large-size alternatives. By dint of the new strawberry, lemon and levander patterns on fragrant trash bags that prevent garbage from stinking, garbage will look quite pleasant.

Being the first brand to put drawstring, fragrant and patterned tras bags on the market, Koroplast released its first fragrant trash bag to the market in 1999, and brought them to the attention of consumers with their renewed scents last year.

Increasing the quality of life of the consumers with its quality and technology, Koroplast introduced trash bags to Turkih consumers for the first time in 1980s, and has always broken new grounds in its industry by the help of its planned investments. Today Koroplast has a wide range of products including not only trash bags and plastic fridge bags, but also aluminum foils, zip bags, oven bags, parchment papers, microwave oven bags, ice bags and frozen food bags.